Business Services.

We have over 20 years of experience in recruitment, one thing BAPEI guarantees is an honest and professional service. Our values are at the forefront of everything we do.


Our Sectors


Provide professional and expert advice. We will assess how we can optimise your workplace by developing strategies and implementation to generate growth.

Cost Saving

As specialists in Cost saving and business development, we help businesses to identify areas where your business can benefit and save at no compromise to your customers. Most business continuity is developed through on-going processes. We can come in and help identify which processes can be streamlined to bring about efficiency and savings. Find out how we can streamline your business processes and ensure you have a lean mean money-making machine.

Business Strategy

With our vast experience we can help and assist in research, competition, discover market demand and bring your strategies and proposals to life. With our specialist and technical know how we have the in-house expertise to enhance your business strategy and bring to life your business proposals.

Business Development

Our business development team can provide your business with opportunities and practical solutions to help your business grow.
We aim to upscale digitally and increase your market presence. Why not create regular Instagram posts and inspire, lead or entice your followers? We would organically grow your followers and continue until we reach our goal.
Our specialists have in-depth knowledge of management techniques to assist and guide you. We excel in Cloud computing, Telecoms, Oracle, Accounting, Cyber Security and all IT systems.
They are ideally placed to respond to your business needs, to help identify, research and develop expertise or practical solutions and routes to successful products, processes and services.

Website creation, upscaling, and hosting

We recognise your website is your shop window. In today’s E-commerce market the consumer is driven by all sorts of factors and feelings. Emotional purchases to logical shopping we have it all. To build your website, upscale or create mobile friendly solutions, we help you through the process. From design to creation, we make your business ideas come to life and your consumers dreams come true.

Many people come to us with website improvement requirements. A better build or a better design, whether its helping your customers to smoothly navigate to the right products or helping your customers find you through SEO and marketing, we understand the confusing market so you don’t have to. Your one stop shop. Click here to enquire.

IT Systems & Automation

So, you’ve thinking about automation and probably heard a lot about AI?
Allow us to lead you into the world of automation. With our specialist partners working to tirelessly with Banks and large corporation, you can rest assured we have the know how to help you get it right first time.

Automation is generally to repeat processes you may be doing daily, weekly, or even ad hoc. These processes can be automated and allow you more time to continue building your business or allow your best personnel to concentrate on customer service where it matters. Whatever the need and whatever your idea, come and talk to us. We can help.

Personnel Development

We provide coaching, online resources, and in-service programs that prepare employees for the work environment and upskill employees. In some cases, we can provide ongoing and FREE training to upskill your employees.

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